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Mod_Searchm Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
query_infoInformation about the query
searchm_bufferA temporary dynamic buffer
searchm_cmd_lineThe values parsed from the command/ query line
searchm_cmdsDefines the directives used in the configuration file
searchm_configThe module per server configuration data. Initialized to all zeros!
searchm_dbpktThe database packet header information. File based databases are machine dependent and cannot be shared. sizeof(searchm_dbpkt) and byte order is machine dependent
searchm_dir_configThe module per directory configuration data
searchm_indexfileThe information from the command/ query line for index
searchm_limit_dataThe information from the command/ query line necessary to build the SwishSetSearchLimit paramters
searchm_metaelemA metaname element in the meta list
searchm_metalistThe meta list
searchm_nodeelemNode elements of a list
searchm_sortpairThe information from the command/ query line for a sort pair
searchm_sub_queryThe information from command/ query line necessary to create a sub-query
searchm_tagsThe tags cache
searchm_termitemAn element in searchm_termlist
searchm_termlistA terms list

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