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searchm_dir_config Struct Reference

The module per directory configuration data. More...

#include <searchm.h>

Data Fields

int bAbsolute
int bRelative
int bStrict
char * sza_begin
char * sza_result
char * sza_end
char * sza_nohits
char * sza_usertrack_cookie_name
int bSetAbsolute
int bSetRelative
int bSetStrict
int bSetBegin
int bSetResult
int bSetEnd
int bSetNoHits
int bUsertrackCookie
int bSetUserTrackCookieName

Detailed Description

The module per directory configuration data.

Field Documentation

int searchm_dir_config::bAbsolute

SearchmAbsolute configuration directive value.

int searchm_dir_config::bRelative

SearchmRelative configuration directive value.

int searchm_dir_config::bSetAbsolute

SearchmAbsolute given?

int searchm_dir_config::bSetBegin

SearchmBegin given?

int searchm_dir_config::bSetEnd

SearchmEnd given?

int searchm_dir_config::bSetNoHits

SearchnNoHits given?

int searchm_dir_config::bSetRelative

SearchmRelative given?

int searchm_dir_config::bSetResult

SearchmResult given?

int searchm_dir_config::bSetStrict

SearchmStrict given?

int searchm_dir_config::bSetUserTrackCookieName

CookieName given?

int searchm_dir_config::bStrict

SearchmStrict configuration directive value.

int searchm_dir_config::bUsertrackCookie

Was the mod_usertrack cookie seen?

char* searchm_dir_config::sza_begin

SearchmBegin configuration directive value.

char* searchm_dir_config::sza_end

SearchmEnd configuration directive value.

char* searchm_dir_config::sza_nohits

SearchmNoHits configuraton directive value.

char* searchm_dir_config::sza_result

SearchmResult configuration directive value.

char* searchm_dir_config::sza_usertrack_cookie_name

The mod_usertrack CookieName configuration directive value.

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