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query_info Struct Reference

Information about the query. More...

#include <searchm.h>

Data Fields

request_rec * p_rr
SW_HANDLE sw_handle
SW_SEARCH sw_search
SW_RESULTS sw_results
SW_RESULT sw_result_item
searchm_cmd_line_t cmd
const char * querystring
char delimiter
char * within
char * swishsort
char * swishquery
char * swishindex
const char ** stopwords_list
const char ** removed_list
apr_pool_t * ptemp
int hits
int page
int display
int pagenext
int pageprev
int i_start
int i_end
int i_full_pages
int i_total_pages
int i_last_page
searchm_tags_t st
int tag [searchm_tag_ids_total]
p_searchm_config_t p_sc
p_searchm_dir_config_t p_sdc
char * p_cbegin
char * p_cresult
char * p_cend
char * p_cnohits
apr_file_t * fp_begin
apr_file_t * fp_result
apr_file_t * fp_end
apr_file_t * fp_nohits
unsigned long ul_bytes_sent
const char * p_cookie
int bRemoteCookie
const char * p_dbcookie
searchm_metalist_t ml
searchm_termlist_t tl
int bInDbase
int bForcePurge

Detailed Description

Information about the query.

Field Documentation

int query_info::bForcePurge

int query_info::bInDbase

True if unique ID is in database.

int query_info::bRemoteCookie

T:Remote client sent cookie. F:Usertrack generated cookie.

searchm_cmd_line_t query_info::cmd

The command line parameters / information.

char query_info::delimiter

NYI. 0 = use default

int query_info::display

The calculated number of results to display per page. 0=> all. searchm_display.

apr_file_t* query_info::fp_begin

The API begin phase file pointer.

apr_file_t* query_info::fp_end

The API end phase file pointer.

apr_file_t* query_info::fp_nohits

The API nohits phase file pointer.

apr_file_t* query_info::fp_result

The API result phase file pointer.

int query_info::hits

The results generated by the query. The searchm_hits/swishhits value.

int query_info::i_end

A convience variable. End result.

int query_info::i_full_pages

The total number of complete pages (may be zero).

int query_info::i_last_page

The number of results on the last page.

int query_info::i_start

A convience variable. Start result.

int query_info::i_total_pages

The total number of pages (may be zero).

searchm_metalist_t query_info::ml

The metalist for this result.

char* query_info::p_cbegin

The create begin phase file name.

char* query_info::p_cend

The created end phase file name.

char* query_info::p_cnohits

The created nohits phase file name.

const char* query_info::p_cookie

The state management cookie, either generated by mod_usertrack, or received from the remote client.

char* query_info::p_cresult

The created result phase file name.

const char* query_info::p_dbcookie

The state management cookie retrieved from the database.

request_rec* query_info::p_rr

The requst information.

p_searchm_config_t query_info::p_sc

The request server configuration.

p_searchm_dir_config_t query_info::p_sdc

The request directory configuration.

int query_info::page

The calculated/ actual page number to display. searchm_page.

int query_info::pagenext

The calculated next page. searchm_pagenext.

int query_info::pageprev

The calculated previous page. searchm_pageprev.

apr_pool_t* query_info::ptemp

A temporary pool valid during file replacement/ results phase.

const char* query_info::querystring

The query string to process within searchm_parse_cmdline.

const char** query_info::removed_list

The SwishRemovedWords result.

searchm_tags_t query_info::st

The tags cache.

const char** query_info::stopwords_list

The SwishParsedWords result.

SW_HANDLE query_info::sw_handle

The Swish C API handle.

SW_RESULT query_info::sw_result_item

The Swish C API result.

SW_RESULTS query_info::sw_results

The Swish C API results handle.

SW_SEARCH query_info::sw_search

The Swish C API search object.

char* query_info::swishindex

The created searchm_index string. "" (empty string) or NULL is an error. Passed directly to SwishInit.

char* query_info::swishquery

The created searchm_query string. "" (empty string) or NULL is an error. Passed directly to SwishExecute.

char* query_info::swishsort

The created searchm_sort string. If defined, passed directly to SwishSort.

int query_info::tag[searchm_tag_ids_total]

For non weighted tags, 1 if a valid value. Otherwise, the number of values in a list somewhere.

searchm_termlist_t query_info::tl

The terms list for this result.

unsigned long query_info::ul_bytes_sent

For non chunked transfers, the total byte to send.

char* query_info::within

The created searchm_within string.

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