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searchm_cmd_line Struct Reference

The values parsed from the command/ query line. More...

#include <searchm.h>

Data Fields

int structure
int cmd_structure
int page
int display
int bRequery
int bReqID
unsigned char reqid [SEARCHM_UNIQUEID_SIZE+1]
searchm_sub_query_t sq [SEARCHM_MAX_SUBQUERIES]
searchm_sortpair_t sp [SEARCHM_MAX_SORTPAIRS]
int i_limit
searchm_limit_data_t limit [SEARCHM_LIMIT_MAX]
int i_index
searchm_indexfile_t index [SEARCHM_MAX_INDEX]
int i_within

Detailed Description

The values parsed from the command/ query line.

Field Documentation

int searchm_cmd_line::bReqID

True if reqid is valid.

int searchm_cmd_line::bRequery

True: reqid was given on the command line, and this is a requery of a previously created search thread. False: reqid will be/was generated, and this request is creating a search thread.

int searchm_cmd_line::cmd_structure

Similar to structure, but IN_ALL is (1<<8). Keeps track of which within parameters have been seen on the command/ query line.

int searchm_cmd_line::display

The searchm_qdisplay value.

int searchm_cmd_line::i_index

The number of valid index parameters.

int searchm_cmd_line::i_limit

The number of valid limits given on cmdline

int searchm_cmd_line::i_within

The number of within parameters given.

searchm_indexfile_t searchm_cmd_line::index[SEARCHM_MAX_INDEX]

The sorted index element list.

searchm_limit_data_t searchm_cmd_line::limit[SEARCHM_LIMIT_MAX]

int searchm_cmd_line::page

The searchm_qpage value.

unsigned char searchm_cmd_line::reqid[SEARCHM_UNIQUEID_SIZE+1]

The reqid parameter value or the generated reqid.

searchm_sortpair_t searchm_cmd_line::sp[SEARCHM_MAX_SORTPAIRS]

The sort pairs information.

searchm_sub_query_t searchm_cmd_line::sq[SEARCHM_MAX_SUBQUERIES]

The sub-query informatin.

int searchm_cmd_line::structure

The calculated SwishSetStructure value. 0 implies not used.

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