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searchm_termitem Struct Reference

An element in searchm_termlist. More...

#include <searchm.h>

Data Fields

char * t
char * re
char * enc
regex_t * preg
regmatch_t * pmatch
regmatch_t * match
int nmatch
int usematch
int bDone
unsigned int pos
unsigned int mpos_b
unsigned int mpos_e

Detailed Description

An element in searchm_termlist.

Field Documentation

int searchm_termitem::bDone

If true, then no more matches possible for this RE.

char* searchm_termitem::enc

The regex string, encoded for URL.

regmatch_t* searchm_termitem::match

A pointer to matching term inside of pmatch. &pmatch[usematch].

unsigned int searchm_termitem::mpos_b

The beginning of the match.

unsigned int searchm_termitem::mpos_e

The end of the match.

int searchm_termitem::nmatch

The number of matches to return. This value must be at least one. A zero value means preg not valid.

regmatch_t* searchm_termitem::pmatch

The return match.

unsigned int searchm_termitem::pos

The position the reg started at.

regex_t* searchm_termitem::preg

The compiled RE.

char* searchm_termitem::re

The regex string.

char* searchm_termitem::t

The term or phrase.

int searchm_termitem::usematch

The sub match to use.

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