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mod_searchm - Apache2 DSO search engine.

An Apache2 DSO module search engine based on the Swish-e C API returning results by replacing tags in a user supplied html template. Persons with Swish-e knowledge and ability to generate a Swish-e index file should find the searchm interface familiar. Persons without Swish-e knowledge can get started quickly. Direct support for Fedora Core 2 and FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE.

mod_hilitem - Apache2 DSO HTML document colorizer.

An Apache2 only DSO module to colorize/ hilite terms within HTML version 2.0 and above documents using the libxml2 html parser module.

Project Information

The project is currently in the alpha/development stage with Apache2 API DBM database support fully implemented.

Web page
Mod_searchm Source tarball mod_searchm-0.5.alpha
Mod_hilitem Source tarball mod_hilitem-0.2.alpha
Development State Alpha
mod_searchm release version RELEASE_0_5_ALPHA
mod_searchm current version CURRENT_0_6_ALPHA
mod_hilitem release version RELEASE_0_2_ALPHA
mod_hilitem current version CURRENT_0_3_ALPHA

Documentation for DSO module
Documentation for DSO module